Friday, May 4th

Boba Fett on the loomInsert joke HERE about how Boba Fett is looming. Hahahah! Get it? Bounty Hunter yarn? And it’s on the loom? Looming? Get it?!?!

:: shifty eyes ::

This weekend I plan to play “catching up” with my life. It’s been so long since I swept my office floor that some of the dirt in the grout is celebrating graduation from college… I’ve given up trying to keep the pile of clean laundry and the pile of dirty laundry separate… I have so many soap custom orders to do that I’m contemplating just moving out of town without a forwarding address instead of filling them (hahahah, kidding, Sonya) (or am I?) … I can’t even remember where I am in my list of custom order yarn mugs… and speaking of ceramics I’m about two kiln loads behind… and the front yard is telling me it’s about time for the annual air potato culling. All I want to do, though, is crawl back into bed and sleep away the weekend. Perhaps another cup of coffee is in order this morning…?

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