Wednesday, May 2nd

Five feet and countingLast night was the first night in over two months I have gotten ready for bed without double-checking that I’ve put the next day’s yarn in water to soak overnight so that I can start dyeing yarn the minute I wake up in the morning.

I kept saying to Tim, “I feel like I’ve forgotten to do something!”

Now I have 58 skeins to wind in the next 24 hours… but fuck! I’m done dyeing!

(OK, I still have the May sock club yarn to dye, but I’ve decided out of sheer exhaustion that it’s going to be an easy color).

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I’ve let myself plan for a HaldeCraft project beyond May 4th (a new literary soap set). Sure, I have custom order ceramics I’ve been working on all this time, but they’ve been more a worry than a plan; I can’t just fire the kiln for one piece, which means that every time I need to fire to complete a custom order, I need to produce enough to fill the entire kiln. Time consuming, and I’ve been feeling pulled in four different directions for weeks and weeks now. But it’s all worth it, right? People will love the yarn tomorrow? I haven’t just been wasting time? Sigh. I feel like tomorrow I am going to throw a huge party, and have no idea how many people will come. Everyone, or no-one. I’ll know in 24 hours!

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    1. Thank you, dear! I don’t know why I’m plagued with self-doubt about it. I guess we are our own worst critics, right?!

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