Wednesday, May 9th

Peeking into my friend's music roomFirst, my apologies to everyone I had dinner with last night, I woke up with a terrible sore throat this morning, and a head full of congestion. I’m hoping it’s just either the change in pressure or sleeping with the AC on last night – I don’t have time for a head cold right now – but just in case, I hope I didn’t give it to anyone last night! Here, pass the garlic bread… and a head cold! Delish!

We went out to a friend’s house for dinner last night, and I think I said this the last time we went to John’s house, but I  LOVE HIS HOUSE. He built it himself, and it’s a work in progress – every time we go out there’s something new to see. This time he’d extended the porch a little bit and included a woodshed. And his garden… his garden! It’s amazing. He takes raised bed gardening to a whole new level.

And then, of course, there’s his music room. I will let you just peek at the glory, there.

…. aaaaaaaaaaand, that’s about all I have for this morning. Things to do, people to see, and all that. Well, more like things to do, soap to wrap; and later tonight, if my body decides I’m NOT sick, people to see at knitting. I’m sure they’d all appreciate me staying home if this throat thing doesn’t calm down after a nice hot shower.

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