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  1. If I’m enjoying the moment in which I’m living, I would dwell on it. That is, if I’m in the moment of the dentist, while I really don’t fear or mind too much being there, I wouldn’t be dwelling in it but merely thinking of the near future in which I’ll probably be walking on the beach instead of sitting in the chair with pointy sharp things poking in my mouth. When I get to the beach I’ll dwell in that moment. Dreaming of the future would include wondering how it could be any better than the present. I try to avoid thinking of past moments unless they were something enjoyable.

  2. I try to live in the moment, but always seem to have an eye on the future. “What’ll we do for dinner? When should we retire? Where’s that check that’s supposed to be here?” Of course worrying about the future in this sense is part of my job.

  3. I am not sure, perhaps at times all three. But mostly I think that I live in the moment, or I should say I live in the moment if it is a moment I want to live in. I am extremely content just sitting on my back porch knitting, watching the birds and talking to my dog. Enjoying life’s little pleasures. However if it is somewhere I do not want to be then my mind drifts away to the past and future. Anywhere but where I don’t want to be.

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