Saturday, April 28th

Joe Haldeman, reading, answering questions, and autographing books at Wild Iris Books in Gainesville, Florida — one of the only two locally owned bookstores left in the city, and one of nine feminist bookstores left across the country.

Joe Haldeman at Wild Iris Books

Yesterday was quite fun; of course I got a bit of work done in the morning but then knocked off to go hear Uncle Joe read and answer questions at Wild Iris. It was a fun event; Uncle Joe was of course funny and brilliant, and it was good to see so many faces, so many people supporting independents. Uncle Joe answered a lot of good questions (the audience was insightful and funny) and there was a lot of chatting afterwards and I heard a lot of laughter. I think the event was well-received, and I know Uncle Joe had quite the line to sign books after.

After that it was up to High Springs to hang with our friends Kelly and Evan, who have a beautiful spot of property up there. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them, so it was nice to relax and get fed amazing food (nobody grills like Kelly – NOBODY). Uncle Joe brought his telescope, and I had gotten a tweet that the ISS was going to fly overhead at about 10:07. So we looked at stars and planets (I seriously will never get tired of viewing Saturn, the rings just  make it seem so improbable!) and the moon, and then cheered as ISS flew overhead until it was hidden by shadow.

All in all, a Good Day.

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