Waaaaay back on January 2nd…

Remember when Jag and Antony came to visit? One day we all went out to Paynes Prairie and Lake Wauburg. We walked trails and snuck out to see the horses and … is “snuck” a word? SpellCheck wants me to change it to “sneaked” but I think “snuck” is reasonable. Past tense of “sneak,” right?


Nature. We has it. Unless you’re in a RSS reader, and in that case you can’t see the pictures right after this sentence (and trust me, you’re missing out).

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157629613090889″]

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  1. Picture of a picture: as my hubby would say, how meta!
    Thistle: OUCH. Damn, you folks grow them mean down there.
    Woodpecker: Was that a pileated woodpecker? I LOVE those. They are so gorgeous. My favorite one to spot which of course I don’t see around my house in suburbia. Downy, hairy and even red-bellied, but I have to travel out to real woods to get a chance at pileated.

    Very cool. I love Florida’s wildlife — I just wish it didn’t get so frickin’ warm. πŸ˜‰

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