Well this is awkward

I can’t find that I ever blogged about New Year’s Eve. Uh… yeah. So. Here we are, almost four months later. MY TIMELINESS: LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

New Year's Eve 20111. Lisa on dobro,
2. Group shot,
3. Getting ready for champagne,
4. Passing torches,
5. Passing torches,
6. Passing torches,
7. Passing torches,
8. Jugglegeek,
9. Go Chris, go!,
10. Chris entertains the crowd,
11. Chris entertains the crowd,
12. Good music,
13. Group shot,
14. Group shot,
15. Group shot,
16. Group shot,
17. Group shot,
18. Get in mah belleh,
19. Group shot,
20. candles,
21. John on guitar

So. Right then. New Years was fun! So fun that it’s taken me this long to come down from it and tell you about all the fun! :shifty eyes:

You know, really, with having lost so many people this year (ok, only three, but they were big losses) you’d think it would have been a lot more sad than it was. Aunt Gay set up a chair with photos and memorials, and everyone treated it with the fun and respect you would have thought from our crowd.

And we had the best juggling show so far, what with Stu coming in there and the torch spinning out of control and whizzing right over my head, bumping off Tim’s car, and flying out into the street. I WAS NEVER IN ANY DANGER, MOM! Seriously, it was at least two stories above my head. Also, I ducked.

It was also packed – standing room only. Last year it was pretty low key (er, so I hear, I was mighty drunk) and this year it was crazy packed and I remained sober. See that? Help me out this year and come to the party so I don’t have to drink all that booze myself, eh?

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