Friday, February 3rd

Great art; great people!Last night was our friend Mariana’s photography opening at Tasty Buddha; they do a rotating artist (I think on a quarterly basis) and while of course the artist makes money, some proceeds also go to a different charity every year. Their charity this year is the Pace Center for Girls, and they said last night that this was the best opening they’d had in all the years they’d been doing it, and Mariana raised more money last night than they’d raised on any other art opening. GO TEAM AWESOME FRIEND FTW! We got there early (hence the empty tables) but by the time we left the place was HOPPING and pretty much SRO.

Other than that, my day was spent winding yarn and filling massage lotion jars. EXCITING. Oh, and letting the dogs out. And in. And out again. And back in. Sometimes they do that thing where they walk out one of the back doors and don’t even go off the porch — just walk across it to the other back door and bark to come in. WTF.

Today I’m firing the kiln and trying to pour ceramics around the yarn I have hanging up in the ceramic room (to keep it away from Tiny Kitten while I get it all wound and work on labels). I have a couple errands to run, too, but I didn’t plan that very well what with also firing the kiln. So they’ll either have to wait until after about 4, or if Tim is going to be home maybe he can keep half an eye on the kiln for an hour or so. And let the dogs out. And in. And out again.

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