Monday, January 2nd

Wide blue skyGood times, y’all. Yesterday continued the trend of the year so far; eating great food and spending quality time with people I love.

We met up for lunch at Chopstix (where they’ve redone the sushi bar and y’all, SWANK!) and then went off to walk around the part of Payne’s Prairie with the 50-foot observation tower and a great view of the horses. Last time I saw bison, this time we saw horses. And they were mighty close! I got some great photos. We briefly walked a couple of trails, and then went over to Lake Wauburg to have a look around (how had I never been out there before?). The temperature was starting to drop a little but overall the weather was absolutely perfect for the day. I mean, look at that sky!

Then it was off to rest for just an hour or so, and then on to Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s for another great dinner, followed by….

I know everyone in this photo…dessert at Sweet Dreams! Proving that either Gainesville is a small town, or that all of my friends have fabulous taste, I know almost everyone in this photo. Tim and I got there first, and saw Allan, and then right after that Jason and Mary came in (we had gone to their wedding about a month ago). Then Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe and Jag and Antony pulled up (we were expecting them) and overall it kind of looked as if we’d called everyone we knew and said “meet us at Sweet Dreams!”. You, dear reader, were the only person missing. Wish you could have been there! Hey, maybe Arne can randomly photoshop some people in there… 😉

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  1. Oh, man! You know I’ve gotta go to work, but Uncle Joe’s head looks rather cold. (No disrespect intended, sir. I think you’re an excellent writer and a very admirable man.)

    1. Hahahah! The hat! THE HAT!

      (Uncle Joe, that’s the hat Aretha wore while singing at Obama’s inauguration; for a while Arne was photoshopping it onto *everything* — it became a bit of a meme. You know Arne really likes you if he puts the hat on you!)

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