Video Linkdump

Grab a beer! This is a long  one (if you watch the videos).

Let’s get this party started with the South Florida Raging Grannies wearing crazy pink outfits and singing a fabulous angry song about Florida and not being able to say the word “uterus.”


Holy crap — forget Unicorn Chasers; from now on any time I need to see something cute I’m going to watch this cat and dolphin playing together –

It’s Transformer Owl! (“more than meets the eye”)

Once you’ve seen the first 30 seconds of this one, you’ve pretty much seen the whole thing, but… Jack-in-the-Box cat!

Here’s the answer to a question I know a couple of my friends have been asking themselves… How many sugar gliders CAN fit into a container of Cool Whip?

I think probably everyone has already seen this talking dog video, but it’s still damn funny –


And having saved the best for last… ooo, now I get to use the “zombie” tag!

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