Linkdump: if I found a bag of money in the street…

… I would consider spending it on these things! Maybe. Depending on how much was in the bag. 😉

The Wrongulator — a calculator that always gives you the wrong answer. Tee hee hee.

Walt Disney’s home. No, really.

Peep Show beer glasses… actually, any of the glasses in that article.

A t-shirt with 79 fictional weapons (how many do you recognize?).

A map of Manhattan using 91 movies as features.

Mr. Tea teapot. Heh. I pity the fool!

Come to the dark side! We have coffee!

Skeleton cutlery.

Need to open a bottle of wine? Try this Screwnicorn! HAR!

I’m not in the market for some salsa right now, but if I was, this ad campaign would win me over.

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