How about starting this off with a little Star Trek humor? Hee.

Here’s one for my geeky sewing friends: Gingham Invaders cloth!

How have I never seen this before? Yuri Gagarin archive video (you may want to turn your volume down, the music is pretty hideous) –

From the Department of WTF: Toddler asks for apple juice; gets Margarita. Drinks it. Hilarity ensues. OK, seriously? Who is so dumb they can’t tell apple juice from a Margarita? It’s not like they’re the same color. Or consistency. Or smell the same. :headdesk:

Slightly cute, slightly creepy: Sculptures carved from bananas.

Also from the Department of WTF, coupled with the Department Of Why I Hate Flying, Haven’t You People Seen Any Irwin Allen Movies: Pilot sucked out broken cockpit window, and believe it or not this story has a happy ending.

And now for a Unicorn Chaser, how about some Regretsy on those Keep Calm signs? Hee.

OK, no, really, I have one more WTF – Ohio man fused to chair he sat in for two years. AUGH! I think I just threw up a little, in my mouth.

Yeah. Right. That needs something funny after it, too. How about a little “Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do Star Wars”…?

Loving Converse high-tops as much as I do, this gave me the giggles.

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