Linkdump – My Parents were Awesome

My apologies if any of these are repeats — I’m cleaning out my starred items!

Most of you know that I’m fascinated with the website My Parents Were Awesome; sometimes I just like the look of the person, sometimes I love that the photo is so indicative of a time, sometimes I wonder and imagine what that person might have gone on and done with their lives. Here are some of my favorites from the last little while.

Dexter and Doris are rocking the swimsuits.

Melanie kicks ass.

Andrei rocks the bad-boy look.

Dan and Francesca look like movie stars.

Heinz and Lola look like they were having a good time.

Patricia looks like a free spirit.

I don’t know whether to hope that Mike and Diane were dressed up for a Halloween party… or hope that they weren’t!

Lisen looks like someone I would have hung out with when I was in Art School. Actually, so does Cate.


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  1. Oh, gee, thought for a minute you meant YOUR parents. That heading always confuses me momentarily as I think you are going to talk about us. Hey, we are (were) awesome too, ya know, in our own special ways.

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