The Great De-Weeding

The Great De-Weeding

Let me just tell you for a second… how completely, 100%, kick-ass my girlfriends are. LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. Or, rather, LET ME SHOW YOU THEIR AWESOME POWERS. See, you may or may not know, but my front yard has gone beyond “that natural look” into “holy shit, is there a house behind that?”

I will go out there every week or so, pull on my gardening gloves, look at the yard, gird my loins, and go right back inside where I cower in fear. It’s gotten so bad that I actually reached out for… he…. heeeee….. helllllllll…. that thing you do when you need assistance. I don’t mind at all helping my friends, but for some reason am not very good at asking for help. But I did. I asked three friends – Laura, Jag, and Jenn – if they would all come over on the same day and help me to Get Shit Done.

AND DID THEY EVER! Y’all. Seriously. This only took two hours.

My two favorite photos after the cut!

Here it is before we started –


And here it is, two hours later –



There are still a couple of small trees that Tim needs to get to with his chainsaw, and I want to give weeds a couple of weeks to stick their little heads up out of the mulch (after which I will RIP THEM OUT TO THE ROOTS MUHUWAHAHAHAHAH). But this, coupled with the clearing near the house we had to do in February… well, I can sense a whole new landscaping bug biting me.

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  1. Wow, great work, gals! After living in Florida I know how quickly the jungle can take over…but you won!

    1. It’s a steady battle, as you know, Linda! I’ve been out there almost every day since, for anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, still pulling stuff up we missed and fussing around with putting right what’s still there.

    1. I know, right?! I was going to make them some Caipirnas… Caipairnias… Chimichangas… Chupacabras… DRINKS WITH LIME AND RUM… but two of them had to leave. But there’s a raincheck out on those, for sure!

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