While these particular charms aren’t necessarily ones that apply to my life, maybe a charm bracelet wouldn’t be a bad way to remember to do things!

I like vintage, but have to agree… I’m kind of glad these are gone.

Bwahah! Fuck you, flowers!

None of these are drinks I consume, but still… comparing the sugar content is fascinating.

Here’s one for DA – The Star Wars Craft Book.

I used to work at bookstores. Sadly, a lot of the customers were like this. Related: people are frighteningly unobservant and incredibly self-interested. But sometimes funny – Are you retarded? He had to poop!

My Parents Were Awesome hasn’t had much lately that’s caught my eye… until Anonymous (is it the sausage? the look on his face? either way, awesome!)

Occasionally Lovely Listing, rather than making fun of something, links to something that really is lovely.

12 Awesome Science Fiction Lunchboxes – I would have proudly carried that Bionic Woman one!

Ever feel like the things in your house are against you? They are… they are!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. It’s always fun, seeing what I haven’t found on teh interwebs – and the LOLcat had me snorting a tasty adult beverage, thankyouverymuch!

    1. I know, right?! Most of the time those LOLcats are just sort of … eye-rollingly inner-chuckle worthy. But every once and a while there’s a great one!

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