So how are those kittens fitting in?

I have been lax with kitten updates (I blame June).

We’d been keeping them still pretty much confined; we didn’t like the way Corwin was fixating on them. Also, our house was utter chaos with the renovations and the moving and the flailing and stuff. So we’d let them out for a couple hours every night while we were watching TV, but then… back to the cat room!

Finally, about… oh, three days ago? I was going along pretty well with the unpacking and the organization, and decided that coupled with me being home all day where I could keep an eye on any shenanigans, maybe it was time to let loose the hounds kittens.

Making friends

At first Corwin stared and stared and stared, but I think it helped that kittens had met Bridgett first. They recognized Corwin as the same basic kind of animal, and immediately and with no fear went up and started head-butting her and demanding cuddles. I don’t think Corwin knew what to do! She’s still following them around sometimes, as if to say “I want to be included in your fun and your chasing and your wrestling and your fun!” but gives them respectful distance and sometimes even ignores them in favor of napping.

Hooray! Peace in the house!

Well, “peace” other than SOMEONE liking to chew on cords, through cords, and on knitting needles. But OTHER than that… peace.

PS. As I was writing this, Serenity picked up a roll of duct tape from my desk and tried to walk off with it. Crazy huntress.

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  1. We’ve finally gotten to the point of leaving Zula out with Rocko when we are gone. The only time it gets crazy is when she is in full-on “attack-play mode” and she jumps on Rocko and startles him. She likes to play with his ears, and he doesn’t care for that!

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