I should hold off for 2 weeks and call this the May & June recap

May flew by pretty fast, even though it was a long month. I walked more in May than I had so far in any other month (hence many daily photos of sunrises or things I saw on my walk). We got away for 24 hours to see Uncle Joe win an award (although you could say it was just as much Aunt Gay’s). We also stopped to visit my mom (guess where we went to eat?). We visited kittens. We got together with friends to play Settlers of Catan, which is my new favorite board game. Want geeky? Here’s that same table, from a different point of view. And another. I love my friends. Another reason I love my friends? I took a random lunchtime photo and discovered that Watership Down is almost everyone’s favorite book.

Publix construction at work continued to be the death of us. Nugget celebrated her first birthday in the shop. We saw some baby birds hatch and fly away. While Sharon went home on vacation she got the spinning wheel her father made for her (the one on the left). There was an Uptown Art Hop; sadly now the last one that we’ll participate in. Although as an upside, now I can go to them and have a good time! Just kidding; this last time was actually made overwhelmingly good thanks to our friends who helped out (Sharon was still in West Virginia) and Ginger and I felt fully supported – buoyed, even – by every single person who came by that night. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (and I want to have your yarn babies).

In knitting I thought I finished a whopping seven, but I can’t count – only one, two, three, four, five things – I still have a few big projects on the needles and they never seem to get very far very fast. Is it the heat? The fact that I never pick them up? Not having brain power enough for big projects?

In late May I was worried about the future of the shop, but couldn’t say anything. Wait; since September of last year I’ve been worried about the future of the shop, but couldn’t say anything. As uncertain as I am now about the future, at least I can talk about it now. The rest of June is going to be out-of-control busy; any bets on when I get my June recap written up…? Oh, wait; as of July 1st I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands. Might not be that long after all!

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    1. OCTOCAM! Fun! 🙂

      Nope, no notes – I just go back and look at my pictures (photo of the day serves a great purpose in addition to giving me something to do!).

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