Bullet point observations: I has them

I have a million things to say, let’s see if I can remember what any of them were now that I have two seconds to sit down and type.

– People are fucking crazy. People are also fucking awesome. HELLO DICHOTOMY.

– When knitting a gauge swatch for size 6 needles, it is best to use size 6 needles. Not one 6 and one 5. In theory. WHO KNEW?!

– My mom is the coolest, and I’m not just saying that because yesterday was Mother’s Day.

– I am not very good at reaching out and asking for help.

– This last week, while tiring, has not been nearly as overwhelming as it could have been. This is because I have awesome rocking friends who line up to help me, in fact, WANT to help me, if only I can get over this thing about not asking for help.

– Kittehs are TEH CUTE!!!!1!

– Anxiety is made of fail.

– Margaritas are made of win.

– I am looking forward to seeing my Unca Joe get a lifetime achievement award.

– Found out the bar at the award ceremony is a cash bar; must remember to bring cash to event. Maybe they’ll have Margaritas. Or fruity rum drinks.

– Also must find nice dress to wear to event, in the next four days.

– The average shopper at Hanks Yarn and Fiber can bake a cookie that will make you weep (in a good way). One of them can also bake a molasses/Guinness bread that has caused about 15 women to get in line should anything ever happen to his wife (I think a couple of men are in that line, too).

– Tomorrow is Recovery Visit # 4 to the chiropractor, after not going for six months. I feel so much better after the last three weeks that I wonder how I did not die of pain, or kill someone, in the last six months.

– Big hairy dogs look really malnourished when you cut off 95% of their hair.

– I may need a waterproof pad of paper to keep in the shower, because I have a lot of ideas there that I have forgotten once I get out and dry my hair.

– I owe a few people some email, but I’m not nearly as behind as I have been in the past. Which is remarkable for having worked so many 11-hour days while Sharon was gone. It helps that I bring my laptop to work a lot, and sometimes have an hour here and there when nobody is in the shop; I can get some personal things done. However, that’s also usually when I really need to pee, and who wants to go pee when there’s nobody in the shop to protect you from roving bands of axe murders who will be waiting outside the bathroom door when you get out? NOT ME. I have seen that movie and it does not end well.

– I’m doing the class schedule for 10Q3 and am having some mental confunction (anxiety? WHAT ME WORRY?) over it. I’ve put myself down for a lot of classes. What if Tim gets a job in, say, Boston, and we have to up and move? What happens to my classes? Should I not put myself down for any classes? Then I would feel like I’m not contributing anything to the yarn store. Or what happens if the Publix being closed and the construction on 16th ruins our business and we can’t have any classes? WHAT IF THE MOON CAREENS OFF COURSE INTO THE EARTH AND LANDS ON OUR YARN SHOP? Someone please tell me that other shop owners  have irrational anxiety about things.

– I thought that the rudest thing I’d seen all week was the woman who came into the shop talking on her phone, who I had to interrupt in order to see if I could help her (and I did interrupt her phone call, TWICE, with a large smile, to see if she needed help with anything, because SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS PEOPLE). But that has just been topped by the woman walking around on her cell phone WITH IT ON SPEAKERPHONE.

– It’s a good thing that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere because I am ready for a drink.

I’m sure I had many more things to say, but I am now laughing too hard at Speakerphone Woman to type. Peace out, y’all.

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