January both flew and crawled by

January was both the longest and the shortest month ever.

It started off with Uncle Joe still in the hospital, but New Years Day went on like reasonably normal. When he got out, we finally celebrated Christmas; but because not everyone could be there, we celebrated it again later. And again later, although I didn’t break the camera out for that one. I went to the loveliest wedding ever, even though I haven’t uploaded my photos yet. I had such big plans for this month, but when it was about 25 degrees in the middle of the day for about a week, I got too cold to move. Then once it warmed up, I got sick for a week and didn’t press myself to do anything other than work and sleep – so I got behind on some things I was already a bit behind in. Like blogging. Sigh. Best laid plans, and all. Oh, and in a personal coup, after years of trying I finally got a photo of one of the slightly feral Neighborhood Chickens. It’s the little victories that mean a lot.

I whipped out one, two, three, four, five finished objects this month – crazy! Most of them were small, though, so I don’t feel too Crazy Knitting Lady. Too much. Ahem. Stop looking at me.

Speaking of yarny things… we had two big things happen at the shop in January. The best thing is that we had fabulous sock designer Charlene Schurch in for a day. She taught a class and autographed books. She is a lovely woman and we are hoping to have her back again next year! The other thing that happened was to our plaza – the JoAnne’s and the Publix both closed. JoAnne’s is GoneDaddyGone, but the Publix will be renovating – including taking over the JoAnne’s spot – and reopening hopefully in nine or ten months. I hope business in our plaza can survive that long. I am not looking forward to this summer. (Hey kids – buy locally!)

It seems like a million years ago that Chris served us all breakfast in Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s kitchen, the morning of the 1st. And yet time has flown by, and I haven’t uploaded many photos of events this month nor blogged nearly as much, or as deeply, as I wanted to. I have so much on my mind; so much to share. I hope I can make a better commitment to doing that in February.

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  1. Totally off-topic but mention of Christmas reminded me. Did you ever receive the bookmark I sent you for xmas? I just remembered I never heard from you and I’d hate for it to have gone missing in the mail.

      1. LJ certainly could have been in one of it’s famous “no notification” periods. It likes to give up on notifying people of new comments every few weeks. Either way, just wanted to make sure it made it! 🙂

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