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  1. i have two brothers, one older one younger; they are as different as night and day; and yeak, i get along with them both. i just discussed this with Uncle Sam; he and my Mom were the two men out in their family of 6; they must have been a rousing pair of rebels !

  2. I have two much older half sisters. While growing up I never really liked the eldest, although I’ve softened my position over the years. I adored the younger one, but still rarely keep in touch with either.

    I have two unsiblings, whom I hung out with a lot and like when I was little, but haven’t seen much since. They’re unsiblings because they are my half-sisters’ siblings by their stepfather. My father’s first wife and her husband would babysit me on occasion, which is how I got to hang out with my unsiblings.

  3. Oh, indubitably. You get stuck with your younger brother for 6-10 hrs a day in a station wagon when you’re 5-8 yrs old, and you figure out how to get along – or else. (Month-long road trips around the country – way fun, except when you’re crossing Kansas …) To this day, he remains one of my biggest fans.

  4. I have only one sister and she’s 11 years older than I am. So by the time I was 7, she was moving out. We didn’t really “grow up” together because of the big age difference.

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