Use your words

Use your words

Once again, this morning, I feel like I have nothing to say.

A good portion of yesterday was spent at the computer. I have accounting issues to sort out by the end of January. I have quarterly sales tax to do. Just like I was refreshing to get a brush the other day, I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to sign up for a series of business lectures that I heard had an extension on the signup but the shopping cart was telling me something different (that resolved, and now I’m attending two six-week lecture courses on ceramics as a business).

I also got some yarn dyed (four skeins of it the wrong color, yay), started to wrap some soap, and fired a glaze kiln. Today I’ll unload that, keep wrapping soap, wind January’s club yarn, get International club in the mail, catch up on Pinterest, start reading up on the documentation in the lecture series and introduce myself to the group, and start loading the kiln up with greenware for a bisque firing (hopefully Thursday, maybe Friday… depends on how dry some stuff is).

Huh. I turned away for a second to answer a message on Instagram (can only do that on the phone, not the computer) and another cat appeared. Now I have three cats on me — one on my lap, two on the extendable arms of my roll-top desk. Animal magnetism, I has it! Cats stick to me in the morning!

Edited to add photographic proof…

OK. I have some work-Pinterest things to catch up on, and coffee to drink, I gotta motor. I think it’s going to try to be a long day.

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    1. Right?! And earlier, I’d gone to let the boys out of the studio, where they stayed all night because of the cold… by the time I got back to the studio a couple hours later, all they wanted to do was warm up in my lap. Clearly I need to set up a webcam or something, so cat lovers everywhere can pay me to sit around with cats in my lap so they can vicariously get snuggles (and I can get paid for being a cat heater, since I won’t be able to get any work done…..!) 😉

  1. i … am ashamed to admit I do not know the names of these kittehs. Other than a suspicion of who is at your left side… (these are the house cats, as opposed to the studio cats?)

    1. These are the housecats, three of the four girls! Farthest away from the camera. looking bitchy about having lost my lap, is Brindle (“Bitchface”). On my lap, looking surprised that she’s there, is Moya (“Fat Bottom Girl”). Diligently cleaning herself is Serenity (“That Poor Man’s Cat”). Tavi (“Pretty Princess”) isn’t in the picture… she’s not much of a joiner.

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