Words would go here, if I had any

Words would go here, if I had any

I feel like I used up all my words on a blog post for work this morning, but I also feel like if I say to myself “I’ll do a personal blog post later today, from work” that shit will never ever see the light of day.

So here are some random thoughts….

I tried a little thing with my work newsletter last week. Usually I auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter, and post about it; this time I only sent it to people signed up. And I hid a discount code at the very bottom (will I tell you what it is? No! Sign up for my newsletter, maybe I’ll do it again in the future, muhuwahahahaha!). I sent it out on Friday morning… According to my stats, I sent it to 479 people (I know, it’s not a big mailing list). Out of that, 186 people opened it. 49 people clicked on links in the newsletter. Three people unsubscribed (I guess they didn’t get to the bottom!). Three people have used the discount code. I love those three people! I have to admit I did the discount code at the last minute. I don’t like to do a lot of discounts, because then you get known for always marking things down, and then people just wait for your sales and regular purchases dry up, which means you want to have more sales so people will buy things, and so on and so on. But I decided to sneak it in there mostly to see if the time I spend working on the newsletter is worth it – if people actually read it. So I love the three people who used the discount code, because that means they care enough to actually read everything that I wrote. Thank you, three people! You’re my favorite!

I’m worried about Brindle, also known as Bitchface. Her personality isn’t changing, but she’s lost a lot of weight lately. If anything, actually, it’s made her MORE bitchy. If she weighs three pounds right now, that’d be a miracle. So we’ve started feeding her more wet cat food – normally we divide a can between the three girls at night (Moya, for some reason, even though she’s the fattest cat, she doesn’t like wet cat food! Turns up her nose at it!)… now she gets her own can in the morning and again at night. Is it her teeth? Maybe. She’s old. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, and while she fights me if I try to put my finger in her mouth she’s just fighting like cats always do, and she doesn’t start howling or acting like it hurts. Do I want to take her to the vet for it? Probably not. I know that sounds terrible, with how much I love my cats. But her personality isn’t changing, just her weight. She’s not hiding, not howling, not acting like she’s in pain… she’s just not eating the dry food we put out all the time. And she is… wait, let me math… She just turned 17. So she’s no spring chicken. We’ve been feeding her double wet cat food all weekend, having noticed late last week what a Skinny Minny she is now… we’ll feed her double for the rest of the week and evaluate over next weekend.

What else do I want to say? Sure is cold. FOR FLORIDA, shut up, I know some of you crazy Northerners have like twelve feet of snow burying those thin tents you live in because you all have balls of steel. Whatever. I’m a Florida girl, no matter that I was born in Maryland, and if it gets below 50 Imma reach for a jacket. At least I live in a house with heat now. If this was two years ago I’d be crying icicle tears in my cold, heatless cinderblock house.

Monday! It’s a new week! I’m torn between “let’s get this shit DONE, y’all!” and “can I have another day to sleep in….? I worked a lot this weekend!”. But I just wrote a whole blog post for work about not rushing myself, so maybe I should take my own medicine?

OK, y’all. That’s enough rambling for now. Maybe tomorrow I will have more cohesive words!

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    1. LOL! Don’t procrastinate too long, it’s only good through Saturday….! Oh, and I almost have a hat for you! Needs one more inch of knitting and then binding off… it’ll be winging its way to you soooooooooooon!

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