Craft Show Hangover

Craft Show Hangover

Y’all. SO TIRED. Getting more tired the more coffee I drink, which is just backwards.


No rest for the weary, though – I sold so much at GLAM that I have to make a whole lot more for Big Bang the week after next! Whooo! Thank you, Gainesville!

I’m trying to write a blog post for work that will have all my GLAM photos (which y’all have already seen on Facebook, if you follow me there) so I’ll spare the repeat post here. If the pictures ever finish uploading and I can complete my work post, I’ll link to it here. (Edit: here’s my work blog post about GLAM.)

One of the things I love about GLAM is connecting with friends – there are a lot of people who stop by my booth that were former Hanks customers, and it’s always great to see them and catch up. It’s like a yearly reunion!

After the show a few of us went out for dinner, chilled and laughed and drank and ate a LOT (us vendors were huuuuuuungry!) and then home. I could sleep double what I slept last night (and I slept well, too!). Craft show hangover, y’all. The struggle is real.

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  1. I told Chris I saw a lot of people there. He asked me who. I was all just, ‘Bwwhaahahaha!!!!’ So so *so* many great people to see there!

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