Feeling better!

Feeling better!

Whew! Three nights with about eleven hours sleep each (it goes to eleven!) and finally today I feel a little more human. Today I should be able to fight off the lingering illness, and one more really good night of sleep….? Tomorrow I should feel like a new woman.

Meanwhile, today, I’m flipping out that Thanksgiving is next week, GLAM the week after that, and Big Bang Bazaar the week after that. I need to fire the kiln almost daily – good thing I just bought that second small kiln! Which reminds me, I need to run over and open it, and reload it and start it again. I should go do that before I get sidetracked by anything…. OH LOOK A CHICKEN.

(one hour later)

So I got the kiln unloaded, reloaded, and started, and then I went ahead and took a shower to start my day, and now I totally don’t remember what I was going to blog about…. Maybe about how if I get one more work email telling me that the world will end if I don’t run a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale….? … Maybe about how pissed off I am at Samsung because I heard they’re selling refurbished Note 7s and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, I really liked that phone and because of your screwup, Samsung, I am now carrying around something that at best I give a strong “meh” reaction to, and now you’re selling refurbished phones that is the phone I wanted?! Fuck you, you should buy my LG V10 and *give* me a Note 7. Assholes. Whoa, ok, apparently I’m a little more bitter about that one than I thought. … Maybe about – no, wait, clearly I have post-illness crankypants and should stop blogging and go play in some clay. Or at least try to fend off studio kittens while I eat a hot toasted bagel with cream cheese.

Have a good weekend, y’all! I promise to take it easy today and not cough on or punch anyone!

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