Tell me I do not feel worse this morning

Tell me I do not feel worse this morning

… that’s just not even fair. Tim and I went out to dinner yesterday, and we swung by a drug store so I could pick up an expectorant. I felt it was time in my feeling better to switch from DayQuil to something with an expectorant, because I was getting a dry, unproductive cough that wasn’t a deep cough but it would go on and on… after about five minutes of coughing, it would start to be. So I wanted to loosen things up and get them out.

Now this morning I feel like my brain is melting and running out of my nose… so please tell me that’s just the last of the sickness leaving my body, due to the expectorant, not that I’m getting sick AGAIN. Because I have shit to do and I’m starting to get cranky about not feeling well (on the other hand, the fact that I never took an entire day of rest, maybe my body is mad at me and this is just it saying, “slow down there, Chatty Cathy! Clip your string!”).

However I am somewhat excited (well, super excited, but I can’t muster “super” level energy until I have about one more cup of coffee) about being able to go over and open the small kiln soon, to get at those mid-range test tiles, so I can get my glaze on this week.

I kind of looked around the studio at the bisque I’d pulled out of the kiln last week, what I already had to glaze, what I can pull from the shelves, and what I’ve got almost made or in process, and I’m feeling pretty positive about craft show stock. I think pushing myself the last week, and if I go full-on for about another week, I’ll be in a really good place, stock-wise.

And that’s about all I have to say right now. I have a work blog post to write, and then I want to go stand in a hot steamy shower for about 20 minutes, to help clear me out. Hooray, steam!

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