My eyes are crossed

My eyes are crossed

I spent about six of my eight hours of work yesterday hunched over in front of the computer, blocking kittens from the real estate I’d prefer to use for my keyboard, working on notification designs. I’m about halfway done changing out all the notification emails from HaldeCraft to match the new design/color scheme. Guess what I’ll be working on today? If you guessed trying to keep kittens away from sleeping in front of my computer, you guessed right. At least they slept in the studio last night instead of playing outside all night, so maybe they’ll actually feel like playing outside today instead of sleeping to recover.

Also I have to remember to go to the grocery store and get creamer, or my coffee tomorrow is going to be just as black and bitter as my soul.

But at least the time has changed, and I’m typing before 7! One of the reasons I don’t like sleeping late, in case I mentioned this, is that we’re on satellite internet. There’s a data cap, in that unless we buy extra emergency (expensive) gigs, we get 100 gigs a month (man, did I have a giggle at some friends on Facebook the other day complaining that Cox was getting ready to cap people at a terabyte of data for the month!) and only 50 of those gigs are “anytime” usage… the other 50 gigs are from 2 AM to 8 AM. Well who the fuck is awake then!? So one of my routines in the morning is to have my phone do updates as soon as I wake up, and go over to the studio and turn on my desktop computer over there so that if it needs to download any big updates (or start backing up for the day to Carbonite) that it can get a head start on that before 8 AM. Then, also, if I have a lot of photos I want to upload to Facebook or to the blog, or a video, I get to it before 8. This is all really difficult if I’m sleeping until almost 8! So there’s another reason I’m glad of the time change.

Now… what is today? Sunday? I need to do the guest room bedding laundry today, because we’re having company at the beginning of the week. Then we’re going to Disney World! Have I mentioned that? (Hahahaha, of course I have.) The big thing we’re going for is of course Food & Wine, and one of the big things in Food & Wine are the concerts. A friend of mine saw Toad the Wet Sprocket a couple of weeks ago, and so far other lineups this year have included Billy Ocean, Los Lobos, Wilson Philips, and we are juuuuuuuuuuust going to miss Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Guess who’s playing the couple of days we’re going to be there? Are you ready? SISTER HAZEL. Can you believe that shit? We’re taking a vacation away from Gainesville, and a Gainesville band is playing. I mean, they’re not crap, they’re just… really? A band from home? Sigh.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some time to upload some Disney photos from August up to Facebook, before 8 AM. I even have enough time to refresh my coffee before I do it.

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  1. Yeah; i had no idea whatever a terrabyte is ; so when i called them to complain they actually lowered my bill and told me how to long in to contour so i can watch TV on my desktop. That’s a win for me. I got the explaination of the rate hike from them a week after the bill. It shows that my usage doubled between June and August when the kids were her using the tablet on my new wireless; still no where near terrible bites.

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