What am I forgetting?

What am I forgetting?

I thought there was something I was supposed to be doing this weekend, but I don’t remember what. Nothing is on my calendar… was it that I was thinking of applying to a craft show that’s this weekend, but then I didn’t apply because I wasn’t sure I could pull together a table’s worth of stuff? It was happening at the same time as the Downtown Arts Festival and it probably would have been pretty good exposure, but I’ve just been so in a frenzy trying to catch up after Big Bang/Fiber-In/Open House, I just didn’t think I could get new stuff together…. and I didn’t want to bring the same things I’d had out for all three of those events. And while I do have some things I’m working on for restocks, and GLAM and Big Bang in December, I’m just not ready yet. And Thanksgiving is in, like, three weeks! Eeep!

Theme update – I’ve been working on colors, and new templates for order and shipping emails so that they match, and I think I’ll be ready to launch when I get back from Disney. Technically I’d be ready to launch before I go to Disney, because I’m sure not working on all this stuff while on vacation, but I’ll wait and make the changes after I get back just in case anything goes wonky while I’m away.

Tim made a really impressive bread bowl for an “Edible Art” fundraiser/”competition” for a local art gallery yesterday….


… even the basket itself was edible, if you still wanted bread after you got through all the rolls. Pretty impressive, sweetie, good job! This is the third year in a row he’s done it, and next year it’s going to be hard to top this.

I went to the event mostly to support him (longtime readers will remember I used to sell at this gallery, and the parting was… unusual…) but I wound up having a lot of fun. We saw an old co-worker we haven’t seen in a while (he was one of the only people I really liked at the Enginerding firm, probably because he’s a musician and hippie and genuinely nice guy – also his wife is a musician and artist), and I met and had great conversations with three different artists  – two of them potters. I hope Tim wasn’t too bored standing around listening to me talk kilns and cone firings!

Kittens were very glad to see me this morning. They stayed out of the studio last night and then last night it got down to the upper 50s… hahahah, serves them right! They were happy to go inside and snuggle on something warm this morning. And nobody brought me a dead mouse, yay!

Am I SURE there’s nothing I’m supposed to be doing today (other than a few work things)? I really feel like I’m forgetting something. Laundry? Shopping? It’s my friend Heath’s birthday, I know that… but … I don’t know, I just have a lingering feeling I’m going to get to the end of the day and discover I ditched a friend on a lunch date or something.

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