This time change can’t come fast enough

This time change can’t come fast enough

Ever since we moved out here, unless it’s a special o-dark-thirty arrangement, I’ve ditched my alarm clock. The down side of that is that this time of year, as the sun rises later and later, I sleep later! You’d think that would be a good thing, right? I mean, I loves me some sleep. But instead of 6:30, I’ve been getting up closer to 7:20, and that’s an hour out of my day that’s gone. And I don’t feel particularly more well-rested for the extra hour; in fact, I feel both groggier and more tired. What’s up with that? So, yeah, I can’t wait for the time change.

We’re going to Disney next week and I can’t wait. This trip will be much less whirl-wind than the last trip — in August, we hadn’t been for FIVE WHOLE YEARS WHAT THE HECK and this time we were just there, so… easier. Calmer. If I hadn’t gotten us the special snowflake dessert and firework seating for the Star Wars show over at Hollywood Studios, we wouldn’t even leave Epcot, probably. Even though there are things from the other parks I’ll miss… there’s always next time. And the big point of this trip is to go to Food & Wine, and since we didn’t get to go twice this year like we’d wanted, we’re packing it all into two and a half days. We’re staying at the Boardwalk Inn again – not my favorite, but it’s walking distance to Epcot, and both the Swan and Dolphin were full when I tried to get reservations. Well, I could have gotten them for Wed and Thurs nights, but they were all booked Friday.

I think I’ve decided on a new theme for the online shop, and I’m just playing around with it in the back end, making color and typeface choices. All those psychology of color articles I read yesterday said (well, I got conflicting information from some of them, so take all this with a grain of salt) that both men and women like greens and blues best, neither like brown (even though it’s my favorite color, and even though it’s seen as trustworthy), gold/yellow (what I have now) can be seen as regal or as dingy and it’s hard to get it right, and that you either should or shouldn’t use a contrasting or complimentary color for buttons. :: headdesk :: So. I’m looking possibly at a pale, mint green background, with text in a green so dark it’s almost black, and then I’m trying to decide between dark blue or dark red buttons. I feel the dark red stands out more (“call to action! grab their attention!) and personally I’m drawn to darker, richer colors… but would red on green look… too Christmassy? Should I go with dark blue? Is blue on green too…. bruisy? Sigh. It’s hard to be the boss.

No dead mice this morning, thank goodness. But I did make the boys go in the studio last night; when they spent the night before outside all night, raising hell… then they didn’t do anything yesterday besides sleep in front of my computer and make it hard for me to do work.

That’s it for today, it’s now 8:15 and I need to get to work soon….! Those color choices ain’t gonna choose themselves.

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