Rome wasn’t built in a day

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Someone asked me yesterday afternoon if I’d worked out the whole Theme thing yet, and I was like, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WISH. That’s definitely going to take me more than one day to work out. Boo.

I did download a free theme yesterday and checked it out enough to find out that I can make things like color and typeface changes, and that I can make them to a theme and save it without making it live on my site… so today I’m going to play around with that a little (after looking up that article I read about a year ago on the use of psychology in color choices for ecommerce sites). But then not only will I need to change my website, I will need to change the colors of my newsletters to match (because I used the same colors and background as the theme I have now) and my invoice/shipping emails, and some of the graphics I use – like the ones for WiP Wednesday and Friday 5 and Custom Orders and so on and so on… I’d used the background that I have now, the yellow one, for all those graphics. So I’ll need to change them to match whatever new color scheme I decide to go with. Last time that took me about two months. So, leading up into the holiday season is a GREAT time to do all that! HAHAHAHAHAHA sob. Maybe I’ll wait until February, when things get slow. On the other hand, mindless things like CSS and hex code and html tags might be a nice mental break every now and then, over the next month. So, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, there was a scorpion on top of the toilet paper roll this morning and the boys didn’t want to go into the studio last night and I don’t know what they did outside for 12 hours but this morning Troublesome was very proud of the mouse he was carrying around and while he wanted to show it off to me he did NOT want to share it with Bowie. And Corwin slept wrong or something and is walking around like she’s in pain and very cranky about it so I’m going to need to keep her away from other animals today. It’s all Wild Kingdom up in this place.

I need more coffee.

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