Let’s do this, Monday.

Let’s do this, Monday.

Busy week ahead!

Today I need to do guest room laundry, dye yarn, throw some yarn bowls, finish winding and then photograph and label November yarn club, get International club in the mail, and update my newsletter graphics so they represent my upcoming website color changes. I also need to clean the cat boxes, cook dinner, and clean the guest bathroom and put the clean sheets and blanket on the guest bed.

Tomorrow I need to vote, do the cut-outs for the yarn bowls I’ll throw today, finish dyeing yarn, wind any yarn I dyed this weekend that’s dry, send out a newsletter announcing my mid-week vacation (and thus shipping delays) and upcoming website changes, do clothes laundry, clean some greenware and start loading the kiln so that by the time I get back from vacation and the yarn bowls are dry, I can finish loading the kiln and fire right away. I may also need to go to the grocery store depending on what I want dinner to be.

Wednesday I need to take the dogs to the kennel, pack for vacation, and work on anything I’ve forgotten to mention above and/or haven’t finished. Probably cleaning the cat boxes again should be on the list. Otherwise they may become sentient while we’re gone…!

I feel like there’s something in there I’ve forgotten, but I can’t put my finger on it. But then, I almost ALWAYS have an “I’ve forgotten something” feeling, so, there ya go. I’m sure something will surface to do, that’s not on this list. Is it Wednesday yet? Now? How about now? NOW?

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