Today, the dentist! Just as soon as I wake up some.

Today, the dentist! Just as soon as I wake up some.

I have a quick morning ahead of me; I need to leave in about an hour to get to an early morning dental appointment (just a cleaning, THANK GOODNESS, not another crown-on-one-side-extraction-on-the-other hullabaloo).

I think one readjustment to country living that I forgot about the first few months we lived out here was that while normally I like to schedule appointments first thing in the morning so that it’s not looming over me all day (and then I can come home and still have time in the day to get shit done)… now early morning appointments also mean 30-45 minutes of driving. Which means being awake enough to drive. Which means waking up early enough to drink enough coffee and have enough wake-up time. Which means maybe not scheduling an early-morning appointment six months in advance.

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