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A few weeks ago (this Spring is just racing past) we went to Wekiwa Springs for a few days, to stay with Amy and Isaac as Amy and Tim’s parents were in town. Cetty and Joe, having just spent almost a week with us, went down as well (Cetty could not miss the chance to torment her brother on his birthday).

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I don’t even know where to start.

Amy and Isaac let us bring That Dog, so we didn’t have to arrange for boarding so close to getting Old Dog put to sleep – I’m so very grateful for that, because believe me I was feeling the guilt of putting her in Puppy Spa alone.

I tried not to make every sentence to Cetty be about ceramics.

Tim’s family is so lovely; I keep asking myself how I got so lucky.

We went for a river trip, with Amy offering to paddle for me so that I could take photos… and my camera batteries crapped out first thing. Of course even though I had brought extras to the park, I had neglected to bring them on the kayak trip. Derp. But Amy, bless her heart, was wiling to not only get up at butt-crack o’clock the next morning so that I could go again, with extra batteries in every pocket, but she was willing to paddle again. I LOVE YOU, AMY!

We saw birds, turtles, alligators, birds, turkeys, birds, fish, and more birds.

It was so good to get away, so good to be there. What is it about going someplace that clears your head in a way that being home doesn’t?

Also, I think I’m starting to want/need a better camera. Yeah. Need. That’s it.

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  1. I so enjoyed the pictures from your trip. Even the frightening alligator shots. I am glad you did not get eaten, YARK YARK!

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