Shake off the dust

I can’t believe I’m just copying and pasting this from Facebook, but… it’s where I wrote it first, and I’d rather take a long hot shower this morning than rephrase and rewrite it. #Honesty

I had such a great time at ICFA I almost don’t even know where to start. I’ll have camera photos later, probably tomorrow (cell phone pictures are on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr as they happened). I met a host of remarkable, wonderful people, spent a lot of quality time with Aunt Gay and Unca Joe, and talked so much about books with other book lovers that I just about hurt myself smiling (and also want to re-read a lot of old favorites, now… talking about beloved books is like talking about old friends you haven’t seen in years; instead of picking up the phone to chat, you pull them off the shelf and blow off the dust).

I did notice three things about myself, though, after working at home for three years and my main source of conversation being the dogs, and then suddenly being in a hotel of vibrant and creative people… (1) I need a hair stylist, or to shave my unruly hair off and start over; (2) I need clothes that are not covered in paint, or clay (or covered in paint AND clay; (3) I need a weekly lunch date with an intelligent friend because I have apparently forgotten how to talk to people and spent a good portion of my first few days there staring around and blinking.

Seriously, though, everyone was completely lovely, I have several new author crushes, and about three feet worth of books to somehow work into the shelves. Or the floor in front of the shelves, I mean, let’s be honest.

More pictures soon, tomorrow – today I have a ceramic supply run to make, an adventure with friends, and dinner with the fam’. Keep the good times coming.

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