We’re off to see the wizard!

And by “wizard” I mean “ceramic supply shop” with a side trip to see Amy and Isaac and have lunch. If Tim is really, really lucky I won’t make him take a side trip to get me a Giant Metal Chicken. Hahahhahaha.

What are your Saturday plans? Have you been outside yet? I don’t know about where you are (especially if you’re up North, buried in last night’s snowstorm) but were we are it’s sunny and beautiful with an expected high of 71. Awwwwww yeah!

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  1. well..we have 71 degrees here too..in Ohio…..(If I am standing INSIDE my furnace!!!)We are done getting the rain from Chicago…the snow from the NE will hit us in a few days….We are the “middle” State….get hit from all sides!

    1. Poo — this year is only our ten year anniversary. Hmmm, though… maybe that is a small metal chicken? And then in five years I can trade it in for a larger model, like a car! LOL!

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