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One thing that I’m trying not to do this year is push myself too hard. Towards the end of last year I just kind of burnt out. Not that I didn’t have love in my heart for what I was doing; I feel that the love I have for what I do is an inexhaustible well, in that every time I do something creative I am priming that creative pump to gush out even more creativity. But my energy level was in the toilet. Hence, vacation!

So, anyway, earlier this week I had a head cold, and while my first reaction was to suck it up and keep going, I made myself fall back and yes, still work, but not do everything on my list, and substitute “work followed by a working break where I work on other things” for “work followed by a little rest, some fluids, and better living through chemistry.” And do you know how long I was sick? Two days. And one day wasn’t really that bad, it was more a day of me going “am I getting sick….?” So clearly that slowing down and not pushing myself thing works! WHO KNEW?

Anyway, I felt better yesterday than I did the day before (Wednesday was the worst day) but I still didn’t want to totally overdo it. Today I’m feeling great, and can’t wait to get started and get things back on track. A productive, scheduled, leisurely yet forward-moving, non-stressful track.

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