Hasn’t my vacation started yet?

Is it time for sleeps, mama?This dog is more photogenic than anyone has a right to be.

Vacation! Coming up soon! And by “vacation” I really just mean “taking a break from constant Internet” for I’m still going to be working, getting things ready for the new year, but I’m just going to be more quiet about it. I need to unplug for a while and recharge. Restock and recharge. I’ll still be blogging, and will be on Facebook and G+ as me, but less as HaldeCraft unless I have something really important to say (and I won’t be taking any custom orders then, or listing new products).

For most of this year I feel I’ve been less in planning mode and more in reaction mode. I mean, I had a plan for the year and I knew what I wanted to bring in, but I didn’t write it down on a calender. It turns out keeping things in your head can, like the box of unfiled receipts that has grown to two boxes on my desk, become jumbled and messy. I would forget that I did things, or forget that I hadn’t done things, or make things and forget to list them thinking I would do it on such-and-such date, and so on and so on.

I did use an online to-do list/calender with tasks and subtasks for my custom orders, but other than trying to throw a few chores in there (Hey, dummy, water the plants every three days!) I didn’t really use it for much. Over the last couple of days I’ve been sneaking in there a couple of times a day and adding things for 2013 like when I want to release new lip balm flavors, or what new colorway of yarn will be released that month — narrowing things down like that on one hand feels limiting (I want more than six new flavors!) but on the other hand it also feels good to put a cap on it (good lord, woman, you already have fifteen flavors, you don’t need to add ANOTHER fifteen next year; if you have something new ALL THE TIME many of the new things will get lost in the shuffle!). So now, hey! I have a great idea for a lemongrass sample soap set! And I’ll release it in July! There’s a checkbox! If it’s not checked, I haven’t done it! If it is checked, I have! Duh, some of you are saying.

It’s so hard to have SO! MANY! IDEAS! but to only be one person, and human at that, with time limitations and needing to stop for things like sleep and showering. (That was a little tongue-in-cheek) (a little). With no coworkers to hold me accountable, or to remind each other and give feedback, I tend to get a little trapped in my own head some days. OK; most days. But don’t get me wrong — I love what I do. And maybe that’s why I’m always looking for ways to streamline it or make it more dollar-savvy, or make it flow better; because I love it, and want to keep doing it, and can’t do it if it’s not making money or if I burn myself out.

CRAFT LIFE 4-EVAH! [ insert maker gang sign here ]

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