New Year’s Resolutions

Good morning, lovelies!

I think I’ve mentioned before, that I don’t really truck with New Year’s resolutions. Too much pressure to make sweeping changes that never stick, too hung over and/or tired the next day to implement those sweeping changes (thus setting oneself up to fail), and really, what makes January 1st different than any other day? Still, I did say on Facebook “My New Year’s resolutions? Same as always. Try to be more generous with my heart, my spirit, my time. To count to ten when I am angry, which is often, and to try to remember that anger doesn’t just point the finger, it points the way. To be patient with the impatient, to be generous with the stingy, to be caring towards the intolerant. To come when needed, to share when not even asked, to give without reservation. To celebrate those gone, still with taking time to mourn their passing, and to live as they would have wanted me to live. To be who I am, only more so. And to frighten at least three neighborhood children by yelling at them to get the EFF offa my lawn! ::shakes cane::”


We’ll see how that goes. If it doesn’t pan out, I can always resolve to eat more bacon and cheese grits!

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