The rest of the New Year’s Eve pictures

New Year's Eve 2012

1. Please sign the book, which is a guest book that goes back for New Year’s Eve for years and years. Sometimes I like to flip through it, as it’s both a reminder of who was there what year, but also to see names of people who have left us.
2. Group shot, the dining room is a good place to hang out unless you’re trying to lose weight, because there is a tempting, tempting pile of food just to the left in this photo!
3. Fly on, these loaded backwards, unfortunately. This is the last photo of the hot-air balloon flying off in the distance!
4. And away it goes, it really did start to fly once let go of!
5. Getting warmer, it would flop over a little, and then stand straight up. Kind of like one of those waving-arm-dudes at car lots. Only with fire!
6. About to let go, it’s getting ready to take off by itself!
7. What do we do, now?, who needs to read instructions?! Pff.
8. Being silly, because really, who can resist being silly when there’s that much love and laughter in the air?!
9. Lighting, this should end well.
10. Lesley has a friend, best of both worlds — early in the evening we had an interactive, good-natured toddler, and later on we had a sleeping, good-natured game of “pass the baby.” I can’t believe my Spell-check doesn’t recognize “good-natured.” That is a word, right? Or am I just not awake yet?
11. Group shot, again, the dining room.
12. Group shot, good times sitting around the living room with old friends (and making new ones).
13. The 25+ year puzzle, seriously, this thing has been going on forever.
14. Group shot, more good times with good people.
15. Who’s a woogie woogie woogie, who could resist those cheeks?!
16. Aunt Gay’s tiara, I just wish you could see it better in the photo!
17. Good food, so dig in!
18. Welcome!, won’t you sign the book?
19. Do come in, come on up the walk! The door is open! (Not really, someone shut it on me while I was outside lighting the luminaries. But it was open later.)
20. Happy New Year, y’all! Raise a glass!

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