New Year’s Eve wee-cap

A “wee-cap.” It’s like a “re-cap” only teensy.

Happy New Year, y'all!In spite of half the guest list being felled by some plague that’s going around town, we still had a good crowd on New Year’s Eve. I think I heard there were 37 signatures in the guest book, and maybe about another ten people on top of that who didn’t sign…. so a pretty good crowd, in spite of The Sickness.

Instead of fire juggling, we lit off a hot-air balloon; nothing like fire and paper to start off the year, amirite?! I’ll have photos of that and general goings-on when I’m awake enough to get my camera from the other room.

There was of course food galore, gallons of champagne, hours of good conversation – but sadly, no live music this year. There were a couple of babies to pass around, though, and both new faces and people I haven’t seen in a few years.

Now I need to wrap up 2012, pour another cup of coffee, and get started on 2013. I have three days left in my vacation (not that you’d know, since I’ve been working here and there to get the kiln full to fire tomorrow) and a … wait, I forgot how I was going to finish that sentence. I had to get up to let the dogs in, but Old Dog had already given up on me opening the door outside my office, and had gone to the OTHER back door, which meant I had to walk across the house to get to that door. Sometimes she messes with me and gives up on that door halfway through my trek, and by the time I get there she’s back to the first door again. HAHAHAHA JOKE’S ON YOU MAMA. Anyway. My point is that I’ve forgotten what point I was going to make.

Now excuse me, I need more coffee.

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