Can I rock a Friday night, or what?

I love you, Friday night.You’d think, with a photo like this, that I’d be partying it up and enjoying the last of my vacation… the truth of it is though that I’m about all vacationed out. Next time I take a vacation I either need two weeks instead of three, or I need to go away so that I’m not still surrounded by work. Being surrounded by work is not a BAD thing, mind you; it’s just that I can’t turn my brain off or shut it up, and I come up with a lot of fabulous ideas that I don’t feel I should dive into because, hello, vacation… or that I do dive into anyway but then feel I need to keep quiet about because, hello, vacation! Not supposed to be working! My vacation officially ends tomorrow, but I think I’ve had enough of it.

So. Today, then. I’ll be in the ceramic studio for a good portion of today. I haven’t poured anything since before GLAM. I thought about pouring just to get ahead of some things during December, but then also thought that December was busy enough, so maybe I should put on the back burner things that could be put there. Pouring was one of those things. Sadly that means that my pouring surface got covered with things I needed to move so I could get to those other things…. so it looks like the first hour or so will be cleaning things up enough that I can pour.

But first… a shower! And maybe another pot of coffee, because I did not sleep well last night and am a little foggy and unmotivated. (My not sleeping well had nothing to do with that vodka/raspberry liquor/soda drink… I fell asleep just fine, but woke up at 4 AM wide-eyed and unable to fall back to sleep. I’ve been getting more tired since then. GO FIGURE.)


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