Who’s got two thumbs and the most awesome apron ever? THIS GIRL.

This will make many of my friends jealousA couple weeks ago I got a package in the mail. Nothing really new, I get packages all the time — but this one was from my husband’s sister’s husband’s mother and his sister. I’ll wait while you figure out that relationship chart.

I’d only met Edna at Amy and Isaac’s wedding, where she brought the most stunning quilt that she had made for the bride and groom. I’d met Heidi at least once, maybe twice before that; she’s a yarn lover and when coming to visit Amy and Isaac, had come into the yarn store. But I loved them both immediately, they’re a lot of fun and great to be around, and very generous with their time and spirits — so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary to get a surprise package. AND WHAT AN AWESOME SURPRISE IT WAS.

I told Heidi over email that I’d seen a knitting project bag in this cloth a couple years ago, and looked for the cloth but couldn’t find it, so sort of forgot about it (like you do when you’re a very out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of person). And she’d said in the note that when she saw the cloth she thought of me immediately. Edna made two of them; one for me, and one for Heidi. Matchy-matchy! AND AWESOME.

I think I should wear it to the craft show this weekend.

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  1. You should wear it to give you that Professional/Shopkeeper look. But don’t wear it for actual crafting; it’ll get messed up.

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