It’s so much easier to support than tear down

Good timesA couple of weeks ago I went out to lunch with a friend of mine, who is also a soapmaker. I’ve known this friend for a while, so I would have had lunch with her even if we didn’t have soapy things to talk about, but I must say… It was really wonderful to chew over some things with each other that our other friends probably wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about (really, I’m sure my friends adore me, but do any of them want to listen to the finer points of label placement and design? For half an hour?).

But it also got me thinking, because one thing we talked about was another soapmaker who has been rude to both of us. This third person, while at the time we interacted made me see red, now just makes me sad and tired. Why are people like that? I spend enough energy talking up my product, I don’t have even more energy to spend on tearing other people down to potential customers. How does this soapmaker have so much energy (and how can I get some, only to channel for good)? It… it just makes me sad. Is their product so bad that they can’t think of a way to build it up, so they just tear other people down to compensate? Because that would just be embarrassing  If that were me, I’d consider stepping away from soap and making something else. Or maybe this is just one of those people who is mean in every aspect of their lives… which is sad, as well. It makes me (as I am, always) grateful for my mom, and my G-ma, who formed in me a happy outlook before I even knew I’d need or want one. Not saying I wasn’t sullen in my teens, now, aren’t we all?! But now, when faced with things that are hard (like people who do something better than I do), I … I aspire. I don’t jealous.


Friends are awesome. Family is awesome. Sushi is awesome. Life is awesome.

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