Bisy Backson

I know! I never write. I never call.

This week: major lip balm restock/new/inventory/overhaul, sock club, swag for a friend’s sock club, cleaning inside the house for the party, cleaning outside the house for the party, planning the party, quarterly sales tax, a pretty big ceramic custom job, first baby for some good friends, lather, rinse, repeat.

What you up to?

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  1. I’ve been so busy I haven’t bothered to comment in a while! Lots of domestic shit. You know, feed kids, feed dogs, wash kids, wash dogs, dishes, laundry, beds to make and if there’s time left over feedmyselfwashmyself all in one breath so as not to disrupt the feeding and washing of kids and dogs. Oh and knitting a very cute little dinosaur spike hat and tail for my very best friend who’s little man is due to arrive any day and will be a dinosaur for Halloween!

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