Last Thursday, what?

Is the sky half full? Or half empty?I’m so behind in daily blogging that I can’t even remember what I did last Thursday. I do know that at one point I was all, “time to take a daily photo!” and I didn’t have anything exciting to photograph because the day had exploded, so I ran out and took a picture of the sky. PRETTY. (When in doubt, daily photographers, food, pets, and the sky are all great last-minute options!)

I can feel a huge rant coming on. You know, I try hard not to get all Clint Eastwood with the “get offa my lawn or Imma gonna shoot you in the face ya dirty punk” but for the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster. How hard is it to say “please” and “thank you”? I get at least one Etsy message a week from someone who asks me a question …. er, at least, I think it’s a question — with no punctuation I’m sort of guessing … and when I construct a long answer to explain how long it will take me to make their ten custom mugs and what color options they have and why I understand they think they’re making a large order but no, it’s not large enough for a 50% discount… I never hear back. Not even a “thanks for your time.” WTF people.

You never say “please.” You never say “thank you.”
Please don’t be an idiot. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you – for real…not trying to be a wisenheimer here. I STRESS EVERY DAY to the kids x 3 that there’s never an excuse to not have good manners, period. Respecting your teachers, always mandatory – non-negotiable. Treating your family with love and respect and always remembering basic courtesy and manners – just part of your every day.

    But, when you take the time to make sure to have your best manners possible with people you don’t even know – (the lovely and tired creature ringning you up at Publix, the elderly lady waiting in line with you at the Post Office….whatever the case may be) taking the time to say please and thank you and “please let me hold the door for you” kind of moments….those are the real difference makers. Those are the opportunities you have every single day to make the world a happier place. THANK YOU gorgeous creature for what you do every day to make my corner of the world a brighter place (followed by a hug if you please).

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