Some day more than a week ago

Scenes from a work day… this was the scene on my work table. By now those little owl Christmas ornaments have been listed and half sold out already (don’t panic, more coming in the next two weeks).

This week my focus is more ceramics (I’m bisque firing the kiln today and almost have enough glazed to be able to completely load it tomorrow when I unload the bisque). And I plan on glaze firing Wednesday.

Also I need to work on soap this week. I have about 200 bars that I’ve been sitting on for at least three weeks that I haven’t had time to wrap (most are sets; an acorn set, a woodsy scented set, a Thanksgiving set, and two other Winter holiday sets). And I need to restock full-sized bars like you would not believe. Especially after the Pride Festival this weekend.

In fact, why am I sitting at my desk, writing things? I have work to do! Happy Monday, y’all!

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