Oh, Gainesville

We all screamA week or two ago, I’d put a shout-out on Facebook for anyone who needs packing peanuts to drop me a line — I have such an overabundance right now that I either need to give some away or throw some away, and I just can’t bring myself to throw things away that might be useful some day in the far far future. But I also have boxes of the stuff on my back porch and unless I want guests at my birthday party to sit on trash bags full of packing peanuts… shit’s gotta go. So I was going to meet two people I know at Sweet Dreams to do a large hand-off of packing peanuts. Except that one of them cancelled right before Tim and I went there… and the second one cancelled while I was there.

So while I was beseeching the poor long-suffering girl who works there to please, please, here’s my card, please email me if you ever here of anyone who needs packing peanuts!…. and we started to walk out…. a woman there with her husband and two kids said, “excuse me, but are you giving away packing peanuts? I need some!”.

It turns out her Girl Scout troupe was making scarecrows for the Halloween decorations up in Alachua. I wound up giving her four large bags of packing peanuts, and I honestly don’t know which one of us was more grateful.

Oh, Gainesville. Don’t ever change.

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  1. Girl Scout troops are always pleased to find the things they need, especially when they come free of charge! We don’t earn nearly as much as you might think from all those cookies we sell…

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