Brunch, and focus, and schedule reevaluation

BrunchThis is brunch from a few days ago (I wish I could tell you the cheese was as tasty as it looked; alas, it was kind of … weird). Mostly I took it to show that without using Vignette (the camera app) the camera itself will focus fine! I have since played with it even more, spending about half an hour the other day playing with every possible permutation of settings in Vignette and found that for some reason, setting the camera on Landscape/Fixed Focus works (I don’t know why Closeup/Macro doesn’t work, but whatever). There were a couple of other permutations that would focus on closeup things (none of them with the Macro setting, and isn’t that just weird?) but this one also works on far away things, and I don’t want to – going back to the Ice Cream example – take a lot of time to focus my camera phone. That defeats the purpose of quick-and-easy.


Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about going to a three-week schedule? I can tell already that I need to make some adjustments to that, including….
– listing the things I make the week AFTER I make them, due to not finishing everything until Friday, and then not really wanting to list 25 things on one day. If I make things all in one week, I can slowly list them the NEXT week, while I’m making other things.
– I need to put an extra week in there three times during a four-month period to allow for sock club. Or, if I use sock club as the “yarn week” I’d best not have any other yarn work I want to get done that week.
– I realized that I may have missed a bisque firing during the whole shelving rebuild, because suddenly I have a whole lot more greenware than I used to have. Granted, I did ramp up pouring to twice a week but that was about four months ago and I’ve been staying on top of it. Suddenly I have no room on my greenware table. Being that bisque is more stackable than greenware, I’ve added another bisque firing in there (which means that my glaze firing is now off, but I’ll get back on schedule within about ten days).

Other thoughts include….
– Custom orders are taking at least six weeks (for ceramics). I may want to start making announcements about longer time frames for holiday custom orders soon…. and consider a cut-off date.
– Different ideas for sock club next year, involving theme clubs, with colors less likely to be released to the general public.
– Along with thinking of yarn – limited releases of previously cancelled colorways, so people who missed out can snag some. Maybe. I mean, if I put them aside, it’s because they didn’t sell well (or were a pain to dye). If they didn’t sell well, why would I want to offer them again? Even though I do hear sometimes, “Oh, I wish I’d picked that up!” Would people really pick it up if I offered a small amount of them? Or are people just dreaming out loud?

I thought I had some other things to say but my brain is now drawing a blank.

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  1. Maybe you could offer a selection of cancelled colorways that you will make on a special order basis? That way, you don’t have to predict quantity, weight, etc.?

    But, I don’t know if that would cause the same issues with supplies ordering.

    1. So, here’s the wacky thing: I tell people that even though it’s “cancelled” that what that means is that I’m not offering it for general sale but am happy to take custom orders on it (translation, it doesn’t sell well enough to keep it around in a bin, tying up space and yarn base, but if people want to buy it fuck yeah I’ll make it). Then someone will tell me, “oh, I’m so sorry I missed that colorway, I’d love to get some.” “Okay,” I say, “I’ll be happy to do a custom order.” “No,” they always reply, “I don’t know what base I want. I’ll wait until you offer it again.” …. at which point I ::headdesk:: because I’m confused. So, you want it, but you don’t want me to make it for you? You just want me to make it? (Obviously I don’t mean YOU, GINNY; and not EVERYBODY does this because some people have done custom orders, but… for the most part….?)

  2. As someone that has taken advantage of the fact that you custom dye old colorways, please don’t stop! Or at least give me warning enough to order the ones I cannot spend eternity without once you stop that color FOREVER. Please.

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