Project new shelves: Round Two

Project new shelves: round two

My life is a constant state of “I can’t do THIS until I do THAT first.”

What I really, really needed was more shelf space in the ceramic studio, because in two years since doing this as a job, THIS VIEW has turned into THIS VIEW. Now it’s the above view, since Tim built me a jealousy-inspiring bookcase on the other side of that wall onto which we moved all the paperbacks.

Last night Tim dismantled the shelf that was there, cut many boards, and today he’s going to assemble me a brand new ceramic shelf. The best part? At the most, we will have to buy two boards. Between the shelf he dismantled and pieces in our shed left over from the window units he’d built for Hanks that we took with us when we left, we are only short two boards. Conveniently the same sized boards as the ones covered in carpet that I got years and years ago from when I worked at a bookstore that dismantled these crazy carpeted bookshelves they had*. So if we want to tear the carpet off, we can use those.

So. There’s my day! I’d best go shower and get dressed so I can help him.

*I had just gotten divorced, and what’s-his-name took the bookcases, leaving me the books… which meant I needed something, STAT. Carpeted bookshelves are strange, but they were free, and we’ve put them to good use over the years in the cat room — cats love carpeted shelves.

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