The new “About” page on Etsy

Do you sell on Etsy? Have you heard about the new “About” page? Are you confused? Do you, like the people I read talking in the forums, think this is a great spot to show off your vacation photos (HINT: IT’S NOT) or pictures of your kids and pets (HINT: SEE FIRST HINT)? Then, hey! Let me lecture you on what the about page is all about! Unless, of course, you are offended by the occasionally dropped f-bomb, and snarky advice. In that case, please stop reading now.

Still with me? Fuck yeah!

This, if you’re curious, is an example of the new About page for your Etsy shop. This is not to be confused with your Profile page, which is where vacation photos or pictures of your kids and pets should go. Actually, most buyers probably don’t give a shit about your kids and pets, so my advice to you there is to get a blog and link to it. I am living proof that you can in fact become friends, even good friends, with customers. Some of them will care about your kids and pets. So get a blog, and post your personal photos there.

Your “About” page is a great place to showcase… wait for it… YOUR SHOP. Put up a picture of yourself, so people can see that you are an actual human and not a reseller. While I have chosen to put up general photos of five of my main products, I’m planning on switching them out later for photos of studio shots (as soon as I get some studio shots that I like enough).

It’s a place to put a little bit about the history of your shop. Why do you do what you do? When and how did you get started? Are you solo, like I am? Or a team? This would be a place to talk about either, and why. Did you always have a dream of doing it yourself, being your own boss, making art? Talk about it! Do you and your sister live next door to each other and make things in your joint studio? Talk about that!

Lastly, links — they have a little spot for links. Only three, and they do kind of guide you. Do you have a Facebook page for your shop? Are you on Twitter? And my favorite — do you have a shop blog? This is as close as I’ve seen Etsy ever get to allowing you to mention, on Etsy, that you have another online presence. Did you know it’s against Etsy TOS to mention that you have another online shop? You’re not supposed to link directly to a place where you sell exactly what you’re selling on Etsy. A lot of people do anyway, either unawares or hoping they won’t get caught. But you are allowed to link to a page where you’re not selling something, and have that page link to where you are selling something. So I can link to my shop blog, which just happens to be hosted on the same site as my shop (but is one click away from where I sell things).

TO RECAP: your shop’s “about” page is the perfect place to tell people about your shop. Make it personal only so far that people reading it can tell that you’re a human. This is not an effective place for vacation and kid’s photos (use a blog for that). This is an effective place to let people see a bit inside the space that creates what they’ll be buying.

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