Monday, May 14th

I'm not supposed to be here...I stuck to my lack of guns yesterday and only fired the kiln and finished dyeing June’s sock club yarn. It was hard not to try to pick up another project in there somewhere, but instead of trying to tell myself I could totally wrap soap while I was doing those other things, I swept and mopped the floors instead. I don’t even want to tell you how disgusting that water was when I was done — I only mopped the living room, kitchen, and dye bar, and changed water twice. Ick. I don’t even know when the last time was that I had both time and energy to mop the floors. January, maybe…? ::shakes head::

As you can see, Tiny Kitten is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge help dyeing yarn. She thinks that I won’t notice here, there… getting closer… reaching out a paw… if she could only nom just a little of that yarn? Get just a taste? It’s not like she’d eat it, you know. Just chew through it. Surely that can’t be too horrible. Sigh. Oh, Tiny Kitten…

Did I mention Tim is going away for a week? He had training in Chicago next week, for work, and he was going to go up a few days early and spend the weekend with his family. Then not enough people signed up for the training, so it got cancelled and he was rescheduled to go somewhere in Texas, some time in June. But his company had already paid for the ticket, which was non-refundable and expensive to transfer to the new dates (I gather it would be cheaper just to buy a whole new ticket). However, unlike working at the Enginerding Company, Tim actually has a good number of vacation days — so he’s bought the ticket from his company and is taking a week-long vacation and going up to see his family!

I’m happy he gets to go, and no, I’m not upset that he’s going without me. For one thing, now is not a good time for us to buy two plane tickets… plus paying to kennel the dogs for a week… not to mention that I don’t really want to leave Bridgett again until she leaves us. Lastly, when all the  yarn mug stuff started happening in December, I sort of neglected to factor in time off for myself until I realized the custom orders were already at June — so I can’t really take time off from my weekly ceramic schedule until then. Fortunately in about three more kiln firings, I will be ahead of schedule. WHEW.

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